Solving Web Design Nightmares – Responsive Web Design!

There are plenty of techniques to ensure that a site is reaching its planned audience. Online marketing, off page SEO, on webpage SEO are the top three used techniques. Tucson Web Design

In the core of it all is design, end user experience and layout. Therefore knowing that we all differ, and that users access the internet in several ways we need to ensure that we will offer the best web experience to several of these users as possible. 

One among the key things to consider when developing is:

How do users access a website?

A careful developed site – it sure appears good on a personal pc… But what about apple ipad tablet, iPhone, Android, Blackberry?…

Just how are the sites heading to work on mobile phones?

Thinking about demonstration for each and every device does no longer work, and for years designers did not have a choice. But with the advance of mobile technology the developing/design community has found a much better, more affordable and faster way.

Responsive Web Design

Therefore here is the Wikipedia definition:

Responsive Web Design and style is an approach to web site design in which a site is crafted to provide an optimal taking a look at experience—- easy reading and navigation with a least of resizing, panning and scrolling— across a variety of devices (from personal computer monitors to mobile phones).
So, this design allows designers to create fluid websites with flexible content that automatically adapts to the type and orientation of the users’ browser to deliver the perfect layout. This means a site will consider great on any device, no longer only on desktop. It also allows for the website to be regular and more importantly usable regardless of how people are being able to access it. So, with a responsive design, we can be confident that the website will deliver fantastic user experience on any device.

How cool is Responsive Web Design?. world wide web Magazine rated it as the #2 in Leading Web Design Trends for 2012. And, we expect for 2013 to be the year of Receptive Web Design.

Some Positives:

Better SEO – Just one URL structure to keep
No Pinching and Cruising – While optimized websites will still offer this disadvantage.
Content Management – Rather than multiple content versions for different devices, now we manage only one set.
Money and time Financial savings – No longer an enterprise that needs a web occurrence is tied by spending budget and the requirement to allocate large amount of funds to web development and their multiple phases.
Site Improvements – Content updates can be done once and often design changes too.