Launch of a Hot Air Balloon – A Landmark in the History of Aerial Adventure

‘Hot Air Balloon’, three words that spur the idea of adventure and enjoyment, made a great release in a history of air travel in year 1783. On 19th September of the year, a man of science named Pilatre De Rozier gave way to the first ever balloon trip that was boarded by a Sheep, a shift and a rooster. This kind of intriguing flight lasted in air for about 15 minutes before crashing, and now there was no looking back. After 2 weeks the Montgolfier brothers from France took off on the first manned trip that flew for about 20 minutes after being launched from the centre of Paris, which was the birth of an excitement called hot air ballooning. Ballon Street

The was again written in Golden words when Blue jean Pierre Blanchard, a French balloonist flew over the English Channel in the year 1785. This first attempt to long distance heat ballooning marked a huge print on the Ballooning account. Again in 1793, the balloonist flew the first balloon flights in United states in the privileged occurrence of the then president of America, George Washington. 

Since then, air ballooning ride has recently been at the hearts of millions, who would like to drift above the world in no rush, and savor the beauty of the world down under. Flights are not only popular between balloonists or scientist, nevertheless they are also famous with travelers and the adventurous souls that have the desire to take a bird’s eye view of the natural and the man made marvels. After Jean Pierre Blanchard, many scientists and balloonist made and broke data in ballooning that beat all bounds in manned aerial flights. In 1932, Auguste Piccard, a Deluxe Scientist set a new altitude record by taking his manned flight to the Stratosphere, reaching a height of 52, 498 feet, following which many new altitude records were registered.

The two Key breakthroughs in ballooning record were The Atlantic Concern as well as the Pacific Challenge, where the two water areas were breached by some gallant ballooners. The Two times Eagle II became the first balloon to get across the Atlantic Ocean. This kind of helium filled model taken 3 passengers and travelled for 137 hours over the ocean. 3 years later, in 1981 the Twin Eagle V premiered from Japan, and it arrived 84 hours later in California’s Mendocino National Woods. All the records were infringed when in 99 Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones completed first at any time ‘around the world’ hot air balloon flight.

Starting with an open flare balloon and moving on to gas and helium balloons, air balloons have been through many levels of their being, and they have climbed up the ladders of identification and admiration in the hearts of many excitement lovers. Air balloon routes make their occurrence all over the world, including countries like India, Sydney, etc, where many professional ballooning companies have their expert pilots taking many onboard passengers to a wonderful and enchanting experience. So, those in love with the fascinating thought of flying above the world must take an excursion balloon ride.