20 Rubber Band Hacks to Simplify Your Life

Guess you didn’t know that rubber bands had so many unexpected uses. Right here are 20 hacks that can help you solve everyday problems.

1. Start Tight Jar Lids
Occasionally a jar lid can be too tight and then you’re unable to open it no subject how hard you try since it is trapped. In order to start tight jar lids, you can tie a silicone band around the top to have a more robust hold allowing you to open up it more easily.

2. Take Selfies
If you don’t have a good friend for taking a picture of you, you can link your phone to any object and disappear.

3. Make More Space for storing
In the event you have less space in your bag to keep your clothes, you can put it to use to place your garments and make more room for them.

4. Prevent Your Cords from Getting Damaged
You are able to put it to use at the ceases of your charger cords to prevent them from getting damaged.

5. Change Magazine/Book Pages
Magazine/book web pages frequently get stuck so you can use an elastic band to convert the pages of your publication easily by tying it on the tip of your finger.

6. Preserve Pot Lids from Shifting
Frequently the lid of a pot keeps getting displaced if you are moving the pot from one destination to another. In order to keep the lid from moving, you can put a rubber band around it.

7. Wipe the Excess Paint With out a Messit
You can tie it in the middle of a paint container to enable you to wipe the extra color which is on your brush onto the rubber music group.

8. Keep Your Outfits Intact on a Hanger
Sometimes by using a hanger for your garments they keep slipping down or off. In order to keep them from dropping down again and again, you can make use of it at both ends of the hanger.

9. Chopstick Holder
If you do not know how to eat with chopsticks or if it is too uncomfortable for you, then you can tie a rubber band around the end which will make it better to utilize them.

twelve. Avoid Book Pages from Being Crumpled
As you keep your books in your bag, at times the pages get folded which could be very irritating. By tying a rubber material band at one end of the book you can avoid that from happening.

11. Use as an eraser – Should you be writing something down with a pencil and aren’t find an eraser, you can always make use of it to erase whatever you want.

12. Keep the door from being locked – By putting rubber groups on your door deal with, you is able to keep it from getting locked again and again.

13. Keep your tea bag intact – While drinking tea, do you get annoyed whenever your tea bag is catagorized inside? If so, you can just put a rubber band around the thread of the tea bag to prevent it from falling.

14. Identify between two similar looking things – By adding a rubber band on one of the things that look the same, you can differentiate between them. For example, you can put a rubberized material band about the charged power packs and leave the uncharged ones so much as they are there to easily know which ones to work with.

15. Open nail paint baby bottles – When the toe nail paint around the outside the house of your nail color bottles dries, it becomes a little difficult to open them. You can use a rubber strap about the top or operator, which supports in adding more grip helping you open them easier.

of sixteen. Keep your cutting table in place – Whilst cutting vegetables if you are irritated when your cutting board moves around, you are able to keep it secure in one place by putting it on each of your end of the board so that it stays trapped to the surface.

19. Prevent a zipper from falling down – If perhaps your jeans have a loose zip that will keep falling down, it can get a little awkward. You can just use a rubber band around the zip and add it to the stomach button to continue to keep it in place.

18. Pants Button Holder – If your slacks are too tight and can not be buttoned anymore, you are able to use a rubber group which will hold your button in place and prevent your pants from falling down.

19. Table spoon holder – While eating your cereal, do you get irritated when the spoon keeps falling inside your big bowl of milk? You can just tie an elastic group in the middle of the spoon that will keep to the bowl and the spoon won’t fall season inside.

20. Making tongs for cooking – If perhaps you are planning to cook on a bonfire and also have forgotten your tongs at home, you can simply use two forks and tie them with each other to make tongs.